GI Joe Snake Eye Peel & Stick Giant Wall Mural

GI Joe Snake Eye Peel & Stick Giant Wall Mural
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Product Description
Dimensions: assembled 21" x 56"

  • Easy to use - simply peel & stick to most hard surfaces
  • Repositionable, reuseable
  • SAFE for walls - removes without damage or residue

    Keep the evil forces of COBRA at bay with this officially licensed G.I. Joe Snake Eyes giant wall mural. Based from the Blockbuster Movie: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Remove and reposition this giant wall stick up at will with no damage to your walls and no sticky residue.

    Frequently asked questions about peel-and-stick appliques
    Where can I apply appliques?

    Work on any smooth, dry and clean surface: walls, mirrors, refrigerators, laptop covers, tiles, glass, lockers, furniture, accessories, etc.. even automotive surfaces!

    Painted wall tips

    • Prior to applying onto painted walls: clean wall and make sure it is dry
    • Newly painted walls: it is recommended to let the paint “cure” for 10 to 15 days prior to applying . Even if new paint feels dry, it may still need to settle and completely cure.
    • Not recommended on “Orange Peel” textured walls
    • Will not work over cinder blocks or very textured and porous surfaces.
    • Not recommended over wallpaper or delicate surfaces

    Bathroom tips

    • Can be applied onto tiles as long as surface is clean and completely dry during installation. Make sure the design element does not overlap grout area as water could filter under and compromise the adhesive.
    • Can be applied onto shower walls, as long as they are placed tightly onto the surface so water cannot reach under the design element. Once applied, will not move even if sprayed by shower.

    DO NOT!

    • Do not place -decorated items in dishwater or microwave.
    • Do not place over rugs, fabrics and any other textiles. Textile fibers may stick to the adhesive and ruin the product.
    • Do not place at the bottom or inside the tub. Water could filter beneath the design element too easily and would compromise the adhesive.

    peel-and-stick appliques product types

    Wall stickers - this is the general term, like appliques, that applies to virtually all removable, peel and stick wall decor. Some people refer to wall stickers as wall decals, wall graphics, or even wall stick-ups!

    Wall borders are a great way to add a new design element to any room. Sometimes called wallpaper borders (even though they are vinyl, not paper!) are sold in long strips and are typically applied along the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling.

    Wall murals are large wall stickers that make a real statement on your wall!

    Wall pockets and wall frames are are a nifty way to post photos, kids artwork or to hold small odds and ends on your wall, refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or practically any smooth surface.

    Growth charts are a fun and attractive way to keep track of your growing kids!

    Will it leave a sticky residue?

    We use a specially formulated adhesive that never migrates onto the surface and therefore leaves no marks and no residue. Beware of cheaper products that use acrylic adhesives!

    How do I remove air bubbles?

    When applying, make sure you start from one side (for the border) or the top (for the appliqués) of each element. Keep the rest of the element away from the wall/surface. Slowly go down over the design with your hand and smooth the element onto surface (and press the bubbles out as you go). Once applied you should be able to move any remaining bubbles out by pressing/smoothing them out of the element. If the problem persists (this would only happen with the giant appliqués), you can punch a tiny (invisible to the eye) hole with a pin to push the air out.

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